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Livreur qui porte un bac de livraison en plastique réutilisable rempli de fruits et légumes biologiques

How to minimize single-use packaging?

In a constant effort to reduce single-use packaging, Fergus offers a reusable bin program for your deliveries. We'll explain how this solution minimizes your environmental impact and protects your organic food orders.

Fergus proposes its reusable delivery bin program.

What is a reusable bin?

As their name suggests, our bins’ design is specific for safe food handling and long-lasting use. We reuse them in a closed circuit, and their lifespan can surpass 20 years!

How does Fergus help reduce single-use packaging in your orders?

In exchange for a 35 $ refundable deposit, Fergus delivers these bins to your home at your request and picks them up at the time of your next delivery. The latter is applicable only once, regardless of the number of bins your order requires, and refundable at any time. You can leave them at your door front on delivery day, and we’ll care for the rest!

Just leave them in front of your door, we’ll take care of the rest!

What are the main advantages?

Protection: We carefully pack your order to ensure its protection during transport. Some more delicate products (radishes, shallots, Swiss chard, spinach, etc.) still need to be wrapped in compostable bags. Since they contain a lot of water, keeping them in a humid environment will help preserve their quality, freshness, and great taste longer! In addition, the containers provide additional protection against bad weather, heat, and cold, always aiming to keep your organic products fresh and tasty!

Less handling: We place each product from its original crate into your bin. You can then take the products from your reusable container to your refrigerator. The last step is to wash of your organic fruits and vegetables, and enjoy.

Hygiene: The bins are cleaned every week with food hygiene products that comply with our ECOCert organic certification .

The end of single-use packaging

A 2020 report recommends food professionals reduce, reuse, and recycle more packaging. We are currently using biodegradable brown paper bags and compostable bags at Fergus. To take this a step further is to reduce our packaging use by opting for reusable solutions.

In doing so, Fergus is responsibly joining substantial food industry efforts towards:

  • Environmental protection
  • Food safety
  • Fighting climate change

Fergus’ commitment

Fergus offers concrete solutions to help our environment, health, and future generations. Our reusable bins program is part of several practical solutions, such as optimizing our delivery routes and the use of compostable bags.

To join our reusable delivery bin program, contact our customer service by email. We will gladly help you get on board!

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