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Picture of someone receiving delivery of their Fergus organic box.

10 advantages of ordering Fergus organic baskets:

What are the principal benefits behind Fergus' organic boxes for you, organic food producers, and Fergus?

At Fergus, our mission is to democratize organic food and help you access the best products grown year-round. Therefore, we want to inform you of the principal benefits our organic baskets mean for you, organic food producers, and Fergus. We will also describe different organic baskets we offer to help you choose which best answers your needs.

What are the benefits for people who order an organic basket from Fergus?

At Fergus, we do not require any subscription. Enjoy the freedom to choose what you want to order, only when you wish. Getting one of our five organic baskets allows you to obtain free delivery on the totality of your order. Organic baskets from Fergus are a great way to order a selection of organic food:

  • Of the best quality
  • At low prices and including free delivery
  • Without any subscription
  • With year-round variety
  • Delivered directly to your home or to one of our pickup points

Offering you organic food of optimal freshness is our priority. It is why our team handpicks the best products and that the cold chain is respected until your delivery is complete.

How are organic baskets helping producers?

By offering a selection of organic baskets, Fergus remains in tune with demand throughout the year and can better anticipate seasonal needs. Demand predictability allows Fergus to develop and maintain relationships with local and international organic producers to obtain the necessary supplies for each season. This type of agreement provides many advantages for these producers, as they:

  • Secure the sale of a valuable amount of their crops
  • Avoid third parties and are agreed at fair prices for producers
  • Contribute to supporting their profitability

Why does Fergus offer organic baskets year-round?

Proposing organic boxes also benefits Fergus. Every week or month, many choose to order organic boxes repetitively. That allows us to:

  • Obtain great precision on our organic fruit and vegetable demand
  • Establish relationships and develop new partnerships with organic fruit and vegetable producers

Which of Fergus’ organic boxes best answers your needs?

To offer choices that satisfy the requirements of various households, Fergus proposes a variety of 5 organic baskets. Here are some key points that will help you differentiate each of them:

The personalized organic basket:

Our client’s favorite, the personalized basket allows you to pick 10 to 12 fruits and vegetables on any given week.

The Duo organic basket:

The Duo’s purpose is to fulfill the basic organic food supplies of two-person households. The ladder includes an all-organic variety of 9 vegetables and 4 fruits every week.

The Family organic basket:

Families favor this one. You will always find an organic-certified selection of 12 vegetables and 5 fruits.

The 100 % Fruit organic basket:

The 100 % fruits organic basket includes 7 to 9 certified organic fruits of different varieties. Every week, it is composed of seasonally available organic fruit from our local and international partners. It is also ideal as an addition to our local veggies basket!

The local veggies organic basket:

The local veggies organic box exclusively contains Quebec-grown organic vegetables. Of course, our climate allows us to offer a wider variety of local organic vegetables in the season than in down season. However, throughout winter and spring, we continue to assemble a selection of 7 to 9 different locally harvested organic vegetables. This assortment is possible thanks to greenhouse production and conservation of local organic vegetable varieties in a controlled atmosphere.

At Fergus, we are passionate about the best organic food, and we want to share this passion with your household year-round. For this reason, we offer free delivery when you order one of our organic baskets without any subscription.

So, which one would you like to try?

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